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Thank you for visiting our web-site at Spirit of the Sacred Drum.

Spirit of the Sacred Drum are Rick and Sheila Blackwell who are Shamanic Practitioners that studied at ‘The Warrior in the Heart Foundation’ based in Glastonbury. We practice both traditional and contempory approaches to Shamanism and are based in the quaint little Yorkshire village of Denby Dale.

Our spiritual path has led us to deeper understanding of the connection between Humanity, Nature and the Universe and that we are all as one, which is at the core of Shamanic Practice. The aim of the Shamanic Path is to reach a state of oneness which is called the ‘awakening’ and with the help of our spirit guides, we can bring back Wisdom, Guidance and Healing for ourselves, for others and for all creation. We provide a friendly, safe and confidential environment for those seeking spiritual development or for anyone with a casual interest. As Course Facilitators we deliver Workshops, Shamanic Training Courses, Retreats, Drumming and Journeying Circles and Bespoke Handfasting Ceremonies. Our Healing services include Spiritual Counselling and one to one or group healings. (for more information on healings please refer to services page).

"If the rhythm of the Drum calls to you, we call you to be with us" Spirit of the Sacred Drum

Everything that is part of creation and the Universe is vibrating in as much that it has a heartbeat. Tribal communities have known this for thousands of years and that Mother Earth talks to us through her own vibrational energy and heartbeat. We are all part of this "rhythm" of life that started with the original primal sound of the Big Bang which continues to echo throughout all creation.

Nature and all that it contains vibrates like the skin of a drum. It is this energy that Shamans the world over connect with and know that this is the language of creation. It is the way in which Great Spirit talks to us in order to send us Wisdom, Healing and Guidance.

The use of the drum dates back thousands of years and has been used in tribal communites for the purpose of divination, healing, ritual, celebration and communication with the gods.

The modern Shaman today continues to use this ancient and spiritual instrument to maintain not only our links to the tribal communites of the past but also to seek wisdom in relation to the future  and the role we are to play in it.

The drum continues to play a powerful, rhythmic and authentic role in guiding our step in relation to all things.

Spirit of the Sacred Drum.












           Rick and Sheila Blackwell

                                                                      Spirit of the Sacred Drum

At Spirit of the Sacred Drum we believe that Shamanism has a significant role to play in the modern world in self-development and healing, both on individual and global scales. On an individual level the Shamanic healing is a personal and unique journey of discovery, bringing wisdom and insight from our past and laying foundations for our future goals and aspirations. On a global scale we see increasingly the need for common understanding between our species based on mutual respect, peace, love and tolerance. We believe that Shamanism is a powerful and beneficial force for good in helping to bring about change for the individual and the collective people of all cultures.


Do you;

Suffer from depression or anxiety?

Often feel empty or have a sense of disconnection?

Feel that your full potential is not being realised?

Often experience unexplained energy loss?

Additionally do you often ask yourself:

What is my true purpose in life?

What is my true nature?


If any of the above sounds familiar to you, Shamanic healing can be of benefit to you. If your true desire is to heal yourself or others, working with a Shaman who is guided by Great Spirit, can assist you in bringing about profound, longlasting change.



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